2200 Leg Pads

Senior hybrid pads with flexible body, soft face, tapered toes, flat knees, and a comfy leg channel. Length 32" to 38" (81cm to 97cm).

$2,395.00 CAD













Designed for goalies who stand up most of the time, and occasionally make a butterfly save. Flexible body, soft face, basic sliders, traditional leg channel and comfy knee cushions. The hybrid profile is thinner than a classic profile, especially in the upper portion of the pad; this helps with overlapping the tops for five-hole coverage.

For maximum ice clearance while standing, the boot is tapered on the inner leg to accommodate a wide stance and low-profile skates. The leg channel is padded with soft foam for shin and knee comfort. The knee cradle has soft foam cushions to protect your knees when driving them towards the ice in a butterfly.

Thigh guards or boards are available to protect the area between the knee and pant. Thigh guards conform to the leg, while a thigh board adds width to the leg.

The pads can be securely strapped to the leg for a more classic feel, or with loose straps easily enjoy pad rotation when dropping into a butterfly.

If you are using a butterfly to consistently make saves, please consider one of our butterfly pad models. Available in 11" and 12" (28cm and 30cm) widths.


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