Close up of 2200 leg pads side by side

Designed for goalies who stand up most of the time, and occasionally make a butterfly save.

Front and side of 2200 leg pads

Flexible body, soft face, basic sliders, traditional leg channel and comfy knee cushions.

Hybrid pads in butterfly

Thin Profile

The hybrid profile is thinner than a classic profile, especially in the upper portion of the pad; this helps with overlapping the tops for five-hole coverage.

Close up of the leg sliders

Basic Sliders

For occassional butterflies, these sliders will give you a flexible platform to land and slide on.

2200 square thigh and top

Square Top

The top of the pads are square for optimal seal against the ice and overlap for five-hole coverage.

Close up of a tapered pad boot

Tapered Bottom

For maximum ice clearance while standing, the boot is tapered on the inner leg to accommodate a wide stance and low-profile skates.

Leg channel

Leg Channel

The leg channel is padded with soft foam for shin and knee comfort.

Knee cushions angled photo

Soft Knee Cushions

The knee cradle has soft foam cushions to protect your knees when driving them towards the ice in a butterfly.

Thigh guard and knee cradle

Thigh Protection

Thigh guards or boards are available to protect the area between the knee and pant.

Thigh guards conform to the leg, while a thigh board adds width to the leg.

Calf wrap protection shown from the outside of the leg

Calf Wrap

Foam guards complete wrap around the calf to protect from any unexpected action from behind.

Many leather straps

Leather Straps

The pads can be securely strapped to the leg for a more classic feel, or with loose straps easily enjoy pad rotation when dropping into a butterfly.

Butterfly on ice

Occasional Butterfly

If you are using a butterfly to consistently make saves, please consider one of our butterfly pad models.

Front of pads

Various Widths

Available in 11" and 12" (28cm and 30cm) widths.

Durable Materials

We know you will have many years of enjoyment and protection from your equipment, and that's why we carefully choose the most durable and high quality materials.

Close up of leather


We use tough synthetic leather that can withstand years of puck impacts and skate slashes.

Close up of nylon and stitches

Nylon and Thread

Heavy duty thread is used in all areas, and durable nylon easily handles years of punishment.

Close up of velcro separating


Velcro tends to age the more you use it, and ours maintains grip even after many years.

Close up of material

Shipped Worldwide

Made with love in Canada and shipped everywhere major carriers deliver.