Bungee Toe Assembly

Goal pad toe attachment with bungee cord. 2 per pack.

$39.95 CAD

Velcro Clasp Style

Overlap — NEW!
+ $10.00


All White
All Black


The bungee toe assembly comes with everything you need to convert the toe attachment on your Brown leg pads to bungee cord: toe bridge, heavy duty bungee cord, skate velcro, bolts, and nuts.

Bungee cord is a flexible way to secure the pad and skate together; freedom to move with a strong pad connection. Available in two velcro clasp styles, the original sandwich style (version 1) or the simpler and larger overlap style (version 2).

Compatible with all Brown pads that have a 3.75" (9.5cm) bolt spacing (center to center). Leather and bungee colour can be customized. Standard toe bridge has 2 holes, but can be customized to 3 or 4.

2 per pack