Two pants with cheaters

What are pant cheaters?

Extra Stopping Surface

Pant cheaters are hard ridges that protrude from the pant leg to provide extra puck stopping surface.

Side of pant leg with cheater

Side of pant leg with cheater

Side of pant leg without cheater

Side of pant leg without cheater

How do they work?

Pant cheaters (aka "assistance flares" or "helpers") are made of high density foam and located on the side of each pant leg to make the goalie wider. They simply help stop or deflect the puck as it passes the pant leg. The raised cheater ridge runs the entire length of the pant — except for the collar.

2400 navy blue pants with cheater

2400 Pants with External Cheaters

Extra Wide

The pant cheaters do not limit mobility or flexibility, they just add width to the pant. Pant cheaters come in two styles: internal and external. External cheaters are the most popular and are a noticeable ridge along the outside of the pant leg. Internal pant cheaters are not visible, but still add width to the pant in a more subtle way.

Cheater Profile
Side of black pant leg with cheater
Side of navy blue pant leg with cheater
Cheater with stripe on it

Pant cheaters are an optional add-on for any pant model. Pant cheaters (internal or external) are not legal in some professional leagues.


Order your pants and cheaters through the website. Customize any pant model with or without pant cheaters. Find the pant model that fits your needs and on the customize page, select the pant cheater option.

Two pants with cheaters

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