For goalies with a waist smaller than 22" (56cm)

Front of 2250 Pants
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Intermediate and Junior Comparison

External Pant Waist38" to 42" (97cm to 107cm)Smaller than 38" (97cm)
Leg StyleWide BarrelWide Barrel
CollarTapered (low to high)Tapered (low to high)
Collar Height2" (5cm) to 7" (18cm)2" (5cm) to 6" (15cm)
External Belt
Padded Crotch
Inner Thigh Padding
Tailbone Padding
Knee Pad Attachment
Internal Rear Chest Loop
Internal Belt
Thigh Wings
Mid-Back Padding
Mid-Back Height
Close up of material

Shipped Worldwide

Made with love in Canada and shipped everywhere major carriers deliver.