2400PN front closeup


External pant waist starting at 42" (107cm)

Spacious barrel fit, tapered collar waist, internal belt and external thigh flaps

Front and back of 2400 pants
Tapered Collar

Tapered Collar

The waist collar is high in the back and tapers to a low cut in the front. Less material in the front allows for slightly more flexibility, but reduces belly coverage.

External thigh plates

External Thigh Plates

The external thigh plates add another layer of protection on top of the internal impact plates and padding. Often this is considered an excessive amount of protection for most goalies.

Barrel Leg

Barrel Leg

The round barrel leg is ideal for maximizing coverage and has an equal width from top to bottom.

Custom 2400 pant

Mid Back Protection

Back Protection

Your lower and mid-back are protected by the high collar and an extended back padding. All pants also feature tailbone padding with soft cushion and hard rear shields.

Back of pant elastic

Stretch Venting

The waist and rear-end are connected together with elastic for flexible movements and air flow.

Suspender Buttons

Suspender Buttons

Attach your suspenders exactly where you want them with multiple buttons.

Front of pant

Internal Belt

Internal Belt

The internal belt secures the pants to your body. The rear-loop in the center of the pants can be used to connect your chest protector via the fighting/pant strap.

We still strongly recommend wearing suspenders with your pants for the best hold.

Padded Crotch

Padding… everywhere

Soft interior padding absorbs impact energies and is comfortable against the body. Everything is padded, even the crotch.

Internal belt not shown.

Rear Strap

Chest Attachment

The rear interior loop allows you to secure your chest protector, with a pant/fighting strap, to your pants.

Leather Bottom

Leather Bottom

The bottom of the pant tends to wear out sooner than most other parts, due to friction with pad velcro or other abrasives. This leather strip helps the pant have a longer life span.

Knee Pad Attachment

Knee Pad Attachment

The best way to hold your knee pads up is by attaching them to your pants, with a lace-in and/or elastic strap attachment.

Senior Comparison

For body waist sizes larger than 38" (96.5cm) there is an extra material charge.

External Pant Waist42" (107cm) and larger42" (107cm) and larger42" (107cm) and larger
Leg StyleWide BarrelWide BarrelWide Barrel
CollarTapered (low to high)Medium CutTapered (low to high)
Collar Height2" (5cm) to 7" (18cm)5" (12.7cm)2" (5cm) to 7" (18cm)
External Belt
Padded Crotch
Inner Thigh Padding
Tailbone Padding
Knee Pad Attachment
Internal Rear Chest Loop
Internal Belt
Thigh Wings
Mid-Back Padding
Mid-Back Height9" (23cm)
Close up of material

Shipped Worldwide

Made with love in Canada and shipped everywhere major carriers deliver.