2400 Pants

Tapered waist collar, mid-back padding, internal belt, and external thigh wings. External pant waist starting at 42" (107cm)

$419.95 CAD













The 2400 pant has round barrel legs with external thigh plates for added layer of protection. A tapered collar at the waist is high-cut in the back and low cut in the front and can be used by goalies who tuck or do not. The waist collar has hard internal shields at the sides of the pant. Less material in the front allows for slightly more flexibility, but reduces belly coverage.

Extra mid-back padding protrudes past the high-cut collar at the back for overlap coverage with your chest and arms spine protector. Soft tailbone padding and glute padding protects you from unexpected falls. The pants have padding almost everywhere for maximum protection, including thick inner thigh padding. The waist and rear-end of the pant are connected together with flexible elastic crotch material to maximize air flow and for a wide range of goalie movements.

Internally reinforced suspender buttons can help hold your pants up and keep your chest protector pulled down. Multiple button locations allow you to attach your suspenders exactly where you want them. The internal belt secures the pants to your body, and is most ideal for goalies who do not tuck their chest protector. The rear-loop in the center of the pants can be used to connect your chest protector via the fighting/pant strap.


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