2000 Chest Protector Front Profile

As you make the big saves, your chest protector will follow your every move and keep you safe.

Front view of 2000 chest protector
Custom 2000 chest protector

Torso Protection

Close up rib protection from the front-side

Rib Protection

The ribs are protected with heavy duty plastics and high density foams that dissipate puck impact energy. Soft interior foams provide a compression zone and comfort against the body.

Close up of clavicle plate

Clavicle Plate

The clavicle plate expands the impact absorption zone, and allows the most flexibility in the chest region. This is the least amount of upper body protection compared to the full and split chest plates.

For more protective styles of chest plates, please see the 2200CA and 2400CA.

Close up of belly pad blocks

Block Armour

The foundation for protecting the upper body is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Heavy duty plastics and high density foams dissipate puck impact energy, while soft foams provide a compression zone and comfort against the body.

Close up of shoulder wing

Shoulder Wings with Ridges

The shoulder wings have a raised edge around the perimeter to provide more stopping surface. The shoulder wings allow full movement and rotation of the arms while adding bulk to the upper body.

Raised edges are not legal in some professional leagues.

Close up of shoulder cushion

Shoulder Cushions

The shoulder cushions are an essential part of the compression zone between the shoulder wings and the shoulder cap protection.

Back interior of chest protector

Soft Interior

The soft interior is comfortable against the body, but also serves an important role in the impact absorption zone.

Close up of spine and waist protector

Spine Protection

A mixture of soft and hard foams protect the spine and lower back. The shoulder blades and arms are unobstructed and have a complete range of motion.

Arm with torso protection in background

Arm Protection

Entire arm

Flexible Arms

The arm protection adds bulk to the overall arm size, helping to increase net coverage, while maintaining a complete range of goalie motions. Heavy duty plastic plates and multiple layers of shock absorbing foam protect the entire arm.

Wrap around elbow floater protection

Split Elbow Shield

The split elbow shield has multiple breaks that allow a minimal bend in the shield. This design does not stay square to the elbow joint, and can give unpredictable rebounds. The shield is made of thick high density foam and rigid plastics.

For the square rigid elbow floaters please see the 2200CA or 2400CA.

Elbow cap protection on back of arm

Moulded Elbow Caps

Plush cushioning lines the interior of the elbow cap for softening the blows, and moulded hard plastic protects on the outside.

Standard bicep protection

Bicep Protection

Built on top of the arm base is an additional band of hard plastic and layered foam, that follows the contour of the arm, to provide a larger impact absorption zone.

Standard bicep protection

Glove Taper

Tapered forearms allow the gloves to easily fit around the arms while maintaining excellent coverage.

Close up of soft interior rib and belly padding

Other Features

Close up of double waist straps

Double Waist Straps

Double waist straps have proven to be the most reliable form of securing the chest protector in position. They outlast elastic and velcro, and just keep holding.

Close up of clip protection from the back side

Clip Protection

Although the waist clips are made of strong impact resistant plastic, we still protect them from shots.

Rear view of arm with adjustable straps

Adjustable Arm Straps

The arm straps change how the unit feels against the body, and tightness is a matter of preference.

Close up of front pant loop

Pant Loop

For goalies that secure their chest and pants together (without suspenders), there is a thick pant loop on the front of the chest protector.

A back pant loop can also be added.

Senior Comparison

Height Range5'6" (167cm) and taller5'6" (167cm) and taller5'6" (167cm) and taller
Bicep Protection
Rib Protection
Deluxe Rib
Chest PlateSplitFullClavicle
Chest FlexPartial-FlexRigidFlexible
Elbow FloaterSquareSquareSplit
Waist Straps222
Close up of material

Shipped Worldwide

Made with love in Canada and shipped everywhere major carriers deliver.