Suspenders attached to a pant


Suspenders for goalies taller than 5'8" (173cm)

Suspenders help keep goalie pants up, and can also keep the chest protector down, creating a single unit feeling.
Front view of 2400 chest protector
Red, blue and black leather fasteners

Leather Fasteners

Fasteners and joints are made of leather to withstand the punishment of pulling, rubbing, and impact, while being safe for surrounding materials (pant nylons and jerseys).

Two tie tabs with a cord

Tie Tabs

Tie tabs keep suspenders together and prevent wandering during game play. Alternatively, if your chest protector has suspender guides, you can use those to keep your suspenders in place.

Durable Materials

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Close up view of heavy duty plastic ring

Impact Plastics

Durable plastic rings can handle the hardest shots, and still keep holding.

Close up view of strong elastic

Strong Elastics

Long lasting strong elastic is used to minimize the loosening effect that many elastics have.

Close up of stitches

Heavy Duty Thread

Heavy duty stitching keeps everything together, and stands the test of time.

Close up of material

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