1750 Stick Glove

Thick blocker board, contoured thumb shield, vented palm, tapered front, classic blocker size

$279.95 CAD








Stick Hand



Thick blocker board to keep the hand safe and for maximum rebound direction control. The blocker board is tapered at the front for easier stick pickup. The angled top stops pucks from deflecting into the arm. Contoured thumb and side finger shield protects the side of the hand.

Front facing finger shields also protect from any unexpected impacts. Individual index finger shield allows for more control and holding the stick with one finger down the paddle. Vented palm assists with air flow to the hand.

Leather is used in impact areas, and nylon in non-impact areas to reduce weight.

8" x 15" (20cm x 38cm)

Care Instructions

Rinse with warm water after use, hang to dry. Do NOT put in washing machine or clothing dryer.

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