Choose the options for your 2300 Pants


Knee Pad Attachment

Attach your knee pads to the interior of your pants.

Deluxe Knee Pad Attachment
Strap Only
Strap holes can accommodate knee pads with elastic straps up to 2" (5cm) wide. Not to be used with laces.
Deluxe Knee Pad Attachment
Laces & Strap
Lace and strap holes can accommodate knee pads with laces and straps up to 2" (5cm) wide.
+ $9.95

Interior Front Loops

Secure your pants to the chest protector without suspenders. For goalies who tuck their chest protector and have front pant straps on their chest protector. Two loops are located on the pant interior near the suspender buttons.

Pant interior with no front loop
Pant interior front loop
Add two interior front loops.
+ $9.95

Belt Type

We recommend wearing goalie pants loose for a larger impact absorption zone.

Velcro Belt
I want the velcro belt. Minimal range of tightening. Recommended.
Clip Belt
I want the plastic clip belt. Maximum range of tightening, but prone to breaking.
+ $9.95

External Cheaters

Add extra puck stopping surface to the outside of the legs. Not legal in most professional leagues.

No external cheater
I do not want external cheaters
External cheater on pant leg
I want external cheaters
+ $39.95

Rear Cutout

V-cutout on back leg
V Cutout
I want the standard cutout
Round cutout on back leg
Round Cutout
I want the round cutout. Ideal for goalies who like to wear their pants low.
+ $19.95

Skate Guards

The skate guard protects the back interior of the pant leg from the skate; for goalies that put their skates on before their pants.

Standard rear pant cutout
I do not want skate guards
Skate guard on rear interior of pant leg
I want leather skate guards
+ $29.95


Equipment is custom made to your unique measurements. Please take your time while measuring and double check your values. If you are uncertain of any measurements or instructions, contact us for clarification.

Units of Measurement

Please follow the photo requirements carefully.

Take a photo of each measurement and show the entire measuring tape. We will ask for measurement photos via email after you have submitted your order. This helps us confirm you measured correctly.


In bare feet, measure from the floor to the top of your head. Photo not required.

Height measurement



Place the start of the measuring tape at your navel (belly button), and wrap it around your waist. A photo is not required.

Waist Measurement


Place the tape measure around the largest part of your hips/bum.

Measuring hips

Crotch to Knee

Place one end of the measuring tape against your crotch (as high as it will go), and then measure to the center of your knee.

Photo Requirements: Show the entire length of the measuring tape, from start to end. Please wear shorts so we can see your knee cap.

Measuring the thigh length

Existing Pants

If you have pants (any brand), please complete the following questions. These questions help us better understand how your current pants fit relative to your body measurements. Best to answer these questions here and now.

Pant Length

Measure your pants from the collar attachment to the bottom of the pant. Hang your pants, or pull the pant taught (pull the top and the bottom away from each other) while taking the measurement to get the most accurate value.

Measuring pant length

Pant Length Adjustment

Ideally your pant should sit above your knee slightly. You should still have space between your pant crotch and your body, eg. you could pull your pants up higher if you wanted. With the previous measurement (Pant Length) in mind, is that a suitable length?

Pant length adjustment

External Pant Circumference

Measure the external circumference of your pants at the collar attachment. The easiest way to take this measurement is to stand in front of a mirror while wearing your goalie pants, wrap the tape measure around your pant waist, making sure to keep it at the point where the collar attaches to the body.

Measuring external pant circumference

Leg Circumference

Measure the external circumference of your pant leg opening.

Measuring external pant leg circumference


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