Front of 2500 leg pads

Designed for goalies that consistently use the butterfly and need a stable sliding surface.

Front and sides of 2500 leg pads

Rigid body, hard face, massive sliders, no breaks, elastic and leather straps.

Angled inner leg profile

Slim Profile

The slender profile reduces weight and improves manueverability for butterfly goalies, while maintaining protective qualities.

Close up of slider

Massive Sliders

Sliders are a stable platform for butterfly goalies to glide over the ice surface.

They are phenomenal on chewed up snowy ice and cold fresh ice, but have a tendency to stick on sloppy wet ice.

Close up of top portion of pads from front

Square Tops

The square top and slim profile thigh rise allow for maximum overlap in the upper portion of the pad.

Close up of pad tops

Square Bottoms

The bottom of the pads fit snug against the post and ice when in a butterfly to cover all holes. The boot sits higher on the skate for more clearance.

Close up of bottom portion of pads from front
Calf wrap with strapping

Flexible Strapping

Leather straps are no longer needed for modern pads, because most goalies want the pad to rotate freely without restrictions. Elastics and velcro are the quick and easy way to hold the pads to the leg — minimal or no leather straps.

The back of the legs are covered with a protective wrap.

Leg channel

Soft Leg Channel

The leg channel is padded with soft foam for shin and knee comfort. The durable leather face does not absorb sweat.

Leg Channel Elastics

Channel Elastics

Leg channel elastics offer additional holding strength to keep the pad against the leg and high up on the skate during game play.

Knee Cushions

Knee Cushions

The knee cradle has soft foam cushions to protect the knees as they slam into the ice during butterflies.

Soft enough to be used without knee pads.

Knee cradle with velcro straps

Knee Cradle

There are various options for configuring the knee cradle strapping: horizontal, diagonal, and none. It all depends on preference. The exterior knee guard is removable.

Interior knee lift

Knee Lift

The knee lift and cushion keep the lower leg parallel to the ground.

Side of boot

Boot Channel

A subtle boot channel keeps the pad and skate in alignment.

Toe ties close up

Elastic Toe Ties

Elastic toe ties attach the pad to the skate. Elastic allows some freedom of movement and helps counter-rotate the pads to keep them in the foreward position.

Side of boot and skate

Skate Coverage

The calf leg wraps offer partial skate coverage.

2500 graphic on side

Multiple Widths

Available in 11" and 12" (28cm and 30cm) widths. 11" is easier to maneuver with longer thigh rises.

Goalie making save with pad down on ice

Easy Rotation

Flexible elastic strapping and bungie toe ties allow the pad to easily rotate with minimal strain on the body.

Durable Materials

We know you will have many years of enjoyment and protection from your equipment, and that's why we carefully choose the most durable and high quality materials.

Close up of leather


We use tough synthetic leather that can withstand years of puck impacts and skate slashes.

Close up of nylon and stitches

Nylon and Thread

Heavy duty thread is used in all areas, and durable nylon easily handles years of punishment.

Close up of velcro separating


Velcro tends to age the more you use it, and ours maintains grip even after many years.

Close up of material

Shipped Worldwide

Made with love in Canada and shipped everywhere major carriers deliver.