Choose the options for your 2100 Leg Pads



We will also take your body measurements to confirm correct pad length and to help with sizing.

I do not know
+ $19.95
+ $29.95

Thigh Protection

Thigh Guard
Follows the contour of the thigh and velcros around the leg.
Thigh Board
Adds width to the thigh to help close holes. Strap around thigh. Requires large leg openings in pants.
+ $19.95

Toe Attachment

Leather Buckles
+ $39.95


Equipment is custom made to your unique measurements. Please take your time while measuring and double check your values. If you are uncertain of any measurements or instructions, contact us for clarification.

Units of Measurement

Please follow the photo requirements carefully.

Take a photo of each measurement and show the entire measuring tape. We will ask for measurement photos via email after you have submitted your order. This helps us confirm you measured correctly.


In bare feet, measure from the floor to the top of your head. Photo not required.

Height measurement

Floor to Knee

With your knee slightly bent, measure from the floor to the center of your knee, on the outside of your leg.

Floor to knee measurement

Crotch to Knee

Place one end of the measuring tape against your crotch (as high as it will go), and then measure to the center of your knee.

Photo Requirements: Show the entire length of the measuring tape, from start to end. Please wear shorts so we can see your knee cap.

Measuring the thigh length

Existing Leg Pads

If you have pads (any brand), please complete the following questions. These questions help us better understand how your current pads fit relative to your body measurements. Best to answer these questions here and now.

Boot Length

Measure from the toe edge of your pad to the boot crease.

Measuring the pad boot

Pad Length

Measure from the boot crease to the top edge of your pad.

Measuring pad length

Shin Length

Measure from the boot crease to the first knee roll. For pads without a knee roll, measure the inside leg channel, from boot crease to the start of the knee cradle.

Measuring the pad shin

Knee Length

Measure from the first knee roll to the last. For pads without knee rolls, measure the inside leg channel, from the start of the knee cradle to the end of the knee cradle.

Measuring the pad knee

Pad Length Adjustment

Do you like the current length of your pads?


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