2000 Jock

Banana cup, shock rolls, soft interior and adjustable straps. Junior to senior sizes.




Size Guide


The 2000 senior jock is over 5.5" (14cm) of thick protection for your private parts, and 4.25" (10.9cm) for the junior model. Tall shock rolls around the lower perimeter keep your sensitive parts far away from the front of the jock; this creates a large energy absorption zone to buffer you from shots.

The interior of the jock is padded with soft foam for comfort. The banana cup is a heavy duty molded plastic that is shaped to provide maximum coverage, with a curved dome to keep the plastic as far away from your sensitive parts as possible.

The 2000 senior jock has dimensions of 14" wide x 13.4" tall x 5.5" depth (36cm x 34cm x 14cm). See size guide for more information.

Alternate Colours

2000 Jock
Front of 2000 jock
Front of 2000 jock
Front of 2000 jock
Front of 2000 jock
Front of 2000 jock


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