Front angle of jersey over a chest protector


Big sleeves, breathable and quick drying

Designed with goalie equipment proportions in mind and breathable material helps keep you cool during practice.
Front of jersey laid out flat
Jersey worn over a chest protector

Beat the heat

The durable jersey mesh allows excess body heat to quickly vent, keeping the temperature during practices and scrimmages comfortable.

Back of the jersey

Spacious Sleeves

The sleeves have been designed to comfortably allow the largest elbow floaters to easily fit. No more fussing around trying to squeeze arm protection into tiny sleeves.

Jersey being put on over chest protector:

Easy on, easy off

With spacious sleeves, putting on and taking off your jersey has never been so effortless.

Jersey and arm length

Hip Length

The jersey length comfortably fits the average goalie.


Goalie approved durability

Designed to take a barrage of punishment from on ice action, and life at the bottom of an equipment bag. Strong stitching, durable mesh, and hand made to last many years.

Close up of material

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