Choose the options for your 2200 Catch Glove


Catch Hand

I catch the puck with my left hand
I catch the puck with my right hand


Quick flex, easy to close palm, minimal break-in period with excellent pro protection.
Partial Practice
Partial practice palm has additional layers of protection in the thumb and fingers, and maintains the quick-flex break.
+ $29.95
Full Practice
Full practice palm has additional layers of protection everywhere, but sacrifices the ability to close the glove easily.
+ $49.95

Pocket Style

The pocket style is a preference, but split styles tend to hold the puck better.

Single-T pocket
Double-T pocket
+ $19.95

Pocket Mesh

We have a minimal colour selection for skate lace. The colouring book shows standard lace colours only.

Lace Pocket
Skate lace pocket
Skate Lace
+ $24.95

Cheater Bar

A hard piece of plastic that adds extra stopping surface between the thumb and the cuff.

Catch glove without cheater bar
Catch glove with cheater bar
+ $39.95


Equipment is custom made to your unique measurements. Please take your time while measuring and double check your values. If you are uncertain of any measurements or instructions, contact us for clarification.

Units of Measurement

Please follow the photo requirements carefully.

Take a photo of each measurement and show the entire measuring tape. We will ask for measurement photos via email after you have submitted your order. This helps us confirm you measured correctly.

Palm Width

Measure across your palm, approximately 1" (2.5cm) below your joint.

Palm Width Measurement

Hand Length

Measure from the base of your hand to the tip of your middle finger.

Hand Length Measurement

Finger Width

Measure the width of your middle finger.

Finger Width Measurement