2100 Catch Glove

Flexible split body with angled wrist deflector, long slash guard, 50° break and deep reinforced double-S pocket.

$489.95 CAD




Catch Hand



Deep pocket with reinforced spine and pocket perimeter. Flexible split body with angled wrist deflector. 50° break, also known as a finger-tip to thumb-tip closure.

The quick flex palm has a pre-broken feel for a minimal break-in period. Adjustable thumb and pinky finger straps help grip the pocket when closing. Individual finger stalls keep the fingers in their ideal positions for glove control.

A medium length slash guard provides excellent protection on the rear of the glove and allows freedom to hold the glove at various angles. The slash guard and finger protection opens for access to the internal wrist straps and to assist with drying after use. Two wrist straps keep the hand snug against the glove palm.

Care Instructions

Rinse with warm water after use, hang to dry. Do NOT put in washing machine or clothing dryer.

Alternate Colours

Front of senior 2100 catch glove
Red black white weave 2100 catch glove


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