Angled view of the 1800 bag

Classic Gear Bag

Square Profile. Pads out.

Side profile with pair of pads behind bag

Pads Out

Designed for goalies that prefer to carry their leg pads outside of the bag.

Profile of bag

Square Profile

A traditional square profile for maximum carrying capacity. Carried from the straps that meet at the top of the bag.

Bag viewed from top with zipper open showing equipment inside

End-to-End Opening

A classic end-to-end zipper opening allows for easy access to equipment, and the inner pockets.

Inner Pockets

Two inner pockets separate. wet game laundry, and/or other items from your gear. The waterproof interior allows for easy wipe down, and it does not absorb sweat.

Inner pocket with red towel inside
Close-up of heavy duty zipper

Heavy Duty Zippers

Heavy duty zippers are easy to open/close, and durable enough to withstand years of punishment from an active goalie lifestyle.

Close-up of bag grommet

Grommet Venting

Metal grommets offer a durable way for air to pass in and out of the bag for noticeably quicker drying times. Air flow also helps to minimize odor build-up.

Reinforced Shoulder Straps

Heavy duty straps are stitched from the bottom of the bag to the top. Metal rivets provide an extra layer of durability at each lift point.

Close-up of strap and bag
Padded shoulder strap with velcro enclosure

Padded Shoulder

While hauling equipment the weight is distributed over a padded shoulder for a more manageable carrying experience.

Padded shoulder strap with velcro enclosure

Strap Wrap

The padded shoulder also has a velcro enclosure that wraps around the straps, conveniently keeping them together while the bag is carried.

Liquid on bag material


The bag material is incredibly durable and waterproof. It does not absorb liquids or sweat. Easy to wipe down for quick cleaning.

Durable Materials

We take great pride in the durability and longevity of all equipment we make. Each bag is handmade in Canada by skilled artisans.

Close-up of durable bag material

Bag Material

Skate and rip resistant vinyl keeps pulling its weight after years of abuse.

Close up view of velcro


Velcro tends to age the more you use it, and ours maintains grip even after many years.

Close up of straps

Thread and Straps

Heavy duty thread is used in all areas, and the straps are as strong as they come.

Equipment Bags

Big BagBig Bag - LiteTall BagClassic BagPad Bag
Volume11.1 ft³ (0.31m³)9.4 ft³ (0.27m³)9.7 ft³ (0.28m³)8.4 ft³ (0.24m³)4.8 ft³ (0.13m³)
Internal Pockets20120
End Compartments21100
End Handles
Close up of material

Shipped Worldwide

Made with love in Canada and shipped everywhere major carriers deliver.


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