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Female crotch protection for hips smaller than 37" (94cm).

Angled front of jill

Shock Absorbing

The hard exterior plastic shield protects from puck impact, and the soft interior absorbs impact energy for comfort against the body.

Side profile of jill


Moulded high density plastic follows the intimate contours of the body for all angle protection.

Close up of waist band

Secure Waist Band

Long lasting velcro and heavy duty elastic holds the jill in position as you make the big saves.

Interior profile of jill

Soft Interior Padding

The main reason for the soft interior padding is impact absorption, but it also feels really comfortable against the body. Plush interior foam padding is over 1" (2.5cm) thick.

Person in red leggings wearing the jill front view

Adjustable Fitting

A snug fit (not tight) is how the waist and hip elastics should feel, just enough tension to keep the jill positioned.

Fit tip: It should be comfortable to wear.

Person in red leggings wearing the jill rear view

Hugs your Curves

The large elastic bands sit comfortably around your hips, waist and thighs.

Durable Materials

We know you will have many years of enjoyment and protection from your equipment, and that's why we carefully choose the most durable and high quality materials.

Close up of thick elastic band


We use elastics that maintain strong elasticity for many years, even under heavy use.

Close up of nylon and stitches

Nylon and Thread

Heavy duty thread is used in all areas, and lightweight 210/420 denier nylon easily handles years of punishment.

Close up of velcro separating


Velcro tends to age the more you use it, and ours maintains grip even after many years.


The shield is approximately 8" (20cm) wide with a 6" (15cm) rise from the contour to the waist band.

Front and back of jill
Close up of material

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